Please use this link for step by step directions on how to access Clever. I found it very useful. Please let me know if you need help.

    I'm very sorry about the confusion with logging into BrainPOP. We teachers are realizing things are different on our teacher laptops than they are on home laptops. Thank you for your patience while we figure all of this out as well!


There are a couple different ways to log in to BrainPOP but the easiest way might be to click on the link that was in the lesson plan for today. When you try to play the video it will prompt you to log in. Do not log directly into BrainPOP but instead click on the button to log in using Clever. This is where your child will use their student number as both username and password.


The good news is that your child should only have to do this once and then will be logged in for future Brainpop use.

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