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What We've Been Learning

Lang. Arts-

In guided reading groups, we've been comparing and contrasting non-fiction and fiction texts that share a common topic. The students also have enjoyed using Newsela on the computers. This weeks topic is about video games. Students must read 2 on-line articles about the similar topic ( which adjust to their Lexile range), take a mini 4 question quiz, and type a short response. They are very engaged!


This week we discussed the importance of dialogue and quotation marks. The students will put this into action with puppets.

Math- This week we are finishing up with missing numbers. We will finish this throughout the week with Eye Spy a Number Dance Scoot. Continue to work on this skill at home.We will begin a new unit on Fractions using lots of hands on materials next week.

Science- We've had a blast learning about animal physical and behavioral adaptions. The students created adorable adaptions displayed in the hallway. We read the series of books, If I Had Animal Eyes, by Sandra Markle. The students then chose and animal they'd like to adapt into in and explain why. They were very clever. We will now incorporate the GA regions and plants.


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