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What We're Learning This Week

Reading- We have created some awesome non-fiction reading organizers that the students are using to document evidence of text features. The students will use the accordion brief case during their guided reading group. The non-fiction fan will be used with a wide variety of non-fiction text as a scavenger hunt. I will send these home for you to see when they are completed.

Writing- We have begun informational writing. We are beginning with a STRONG paragraph about Fossils. The following week the students will get to choose a topic of their own. I will be encouraging students to write at least 3 paragraphs about a topic.

Science- Today the students created a fossils review book. This week we will create a replica of a fossil(s), have a review game, and take a quiz.

Spelling- List #10 (-ge/ -dge words)

Math- We will continue to practice multiplication strategies by incorporating fact families with division. The students will create a cool fact family 3D pyramid. We will also work on yummy dividing skills during guided math rotations later in the week.


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