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We continue to compare and contrast key details/ ideas presented in texts. The students are learning how to go back and find text evidence to support their findings when writing a support statement. We will work on opinion writing this week. I know my class will be GREAT at this genre...ha! We will first discuss commercials and persuasive words used throughout. We'll discuss vocabulary and transition words. Students will be introduced to a TREE graphic organizer to help brainstorm ideas. I'm so looking forward to hearing their opinions about many trendy topics. We'll continue to work on adding commas and quotations marks into the correct locations.


The kids have enjoyed learning all about fractions. The kids love having their own container of PlayDoh in their desk to partition circle or models of fractions. Some students were able to create eighteenths. Today we used Legos and MnM's to show fractional parts. A few are switching the numerator and denominator. Please be on the watch for this at home. This unit will continue to build this week with comparing equivalent fractions. I always enjoy watching how shocked they seemed when learning concept. We will continue to use hands on models to learn.


We are finishing our GA regions, animal & plant unit this week. Today we worked on a collaborative project that STEM/ The Learning Commons/ classroom teachers created. This lesson plan for will continue throughout the month in STEM. However, we will play a review game and take mini quiz by Friday. The kids will do GREAT!

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