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What We're Learning

Reading/ Lang. Arts-

This week I'm so excited to be starting the year off with New Years Resolutions and Goals. Today the students created a few of their own inside a fold-able. We even discussed a few silly ones! The format was like the one below:

2 two things to do to make our community a better place.

0 one way to make every day happier

2 two things I'd like to do this year ( home/ school)

0 one big goal for the new year

Throughout the week we will be comparing/ contrasting New Year traditions throughout the world. The students will use QR codes to watch little educational clips to match the articles, complete Venn diagrams, or fact/ opinion responses.

Spelling- List # 14

Math- This week we will work on missing factors for multiplication and division. The students will play, " I Spy the Missing Factor." We will meet in small groups to review vocabulary and comprehension. We will also replace the ? mark with symbols, pictures, and letters.


Science- We will begin to learn about how plants and animals in GA adapt to survive in their geographical regions. I'm looking forward to this fun unit!


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