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What We're Learning

Reading/ Writing- We've been enjoying our non-fiction books during guided reading groups. The students created cute non-fiction text feature briefcases that highlight their favorite features. These are hanging up in the room. The students completed the text feature fan scavenger hunt. The most challenging have been the italics and sidebars. We will continue to meet with our reading groups this week. In writing, the students will begin an information paper of their choice which will include some non-fiction text features.

Spelling- List #12 Irregular Plural Nouns

Math- We've been having a great time learning about fact families and we've begun division. The students completed division problems using mini-marshmallows. Of course they enjoyed eating them more..ha! They are catching onto this concept very quickly. We will continue division throughout the week with Thanksgiving Division Word Problems. In math we will also begin area and perimeter by completing a funny activity called, " Trap the Turkey."

Social Studies- The students did a wonderful job learning about the main US rivers and mountain ranges. They enjoyed making the lunch bag mini-books and ended with a salt dough and paint paper plate model. We will play a review game on Monday and take a mini-quiz.


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