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We've Been Busy!

As the end of this nine weeks is coming to an end, we've been busy at work!

Reading/ Lang. Arts-

We've continued to work in our guided reading groups with a focus on non-fiction. We've payed close attention to details when looking at the conventions of non-fiction. I'm always amazed with how many "WOW" facts I even learn each year...ha! The students also have taken many assessments. I will send these home after the report cards are posted.

Writing- We wrote a Informational Writing Piece about " My Families Holiday Traditions." Most students were able to write 3 strong paragraphs, which included a table of contents, pictures w/ captions, and sloppy copies. If they only wrote two paragraphs, they ran out of time. We continued writing with a fun "How To" piece. The students wrote a step-by-step sequenced paper on how they would make hot chocolate with all the toppings. They then put their steps into actions...YUMMY! We had hot cocoa, marshmallows, whip cream, chocolate syrup, and even candy canes to stir with. The students are finishing their final drafts this week.

Math- We have finished all our math skills for this 9 weeks. The students took the MI test and will take the pretest for the next Pirate Math Block. Last week the students created adorable area and perimeter Nutcrackers. These are displayed proudly in the hallway. They continued with the distributive property using Number Bonds. Each student created his/ her holiday hat that has a model of a number bond they chose. I will post these soon ( a few kiddos are finishing them up)! They're turned out great! This week the students worked reviewing multiplication and division word problems.

Social Studies- We have compared and contrasted the different American Indian Tribes throughout the United States. We still have one more region to complete tomorrow. The students have enjoyed learning all about the homes, resources, hardships, and traditions they had. We've had many in-depth conversations on which region they'd like to live in and why?


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