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Digital Learning Starts Monday!

Hello parents,

I'm sure you are excited to begin this new adventure in Daily Digital Learning with your child. I will try to keep things simple and user friendly. This is a new experience for me as well. Please be patient as I explore how to set up the pages/links correctly for you. I have noticed if you a phone vs. computer the format changes. Please be sure to scroll up/ down to see all information needed.

Please contact my email vs. using the BLOG messaging. My school email is what I check daily.

Please remember grades will not be given for any assignments. These are daily learning opportunities. Please choose to review or practice any other subject areas that you think your child would benefit from during this time.


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Seesaw Comments

I often leave little messages or comments for your child on Seesaw. Sometimes I might ask your child to go back and correct an error or fix something up. Please remind your child to check my messages.

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