Mrs. Allen's Story Time


To join, students will need a Skype app, either on a phone or a computer. Mrs. Allen is planning on reading picture books at 10:30 each day. Here’s the link, it is also available on the PMES homepage.

For the upper grades: She will read The Wild Robot tomorrow at 11:00, immediately following the picture book read-aloud. 



Mrs. Purcell Week 2


Mrs. Grebe's Link

Mrs. Smith's STEM information

Just wanted to let you all know my Zoom meeting schedule for the week. I would love it if you all could let your families know in some way. 😊 All Zoom meetings will be 9:00 AM with the exception of 5th grade. I will post the link for the Zoom meeting at 8:30 on the STEM blog each morning. 5th grade will be at 12:00 on Friday and I will post the link at 11:30.


Monday – 2nd Grade – Living things change their environment

Tuesday – 3rd Grade – Reducing our impact on Earth

Wednesday – 1st Grade – Parts of a plant

Thursday – 4th Grade – Light reflection and vision

Friday – Kindergarten – Living vs. Non-Living Things

5th grade – Magnets and static electricity


All of this is posted on the STEM blog at: This is where I will be posting the links to the Zoom meetings each day.


Good morning Pirates!

I have a NEW challenge for you this week. It is called "Blackout BINGO". I will be posting a Fitness BINGO board to my blog and your job is to complete 5 squares a day to BLACKOUT your board. I would LOVE to see YOU completing these tasks by uploading a PICTURE or VIDEO of you to our Padlet site. I look forward to seeing those boards BLACKED OUT!        

  -Coach Gresham

Fitness BINGO

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